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Introductions / Re: Hello! Building a non-toylander Jeep
« Last post by Rob_01 on 07 December, 2018, 07:21:23 PM »
Thanks for the advice (and sorry for the long delay in replying - I said that this would be a slow burner!). The fibre-glassing will be done next summer and I will read up a fair bit beforehand as I don't want to make a mess of it!

In the last week I have started building a template of the chassis in timber (to be converted to steel once everything is worked out).  I have a friend giving me a hand and the project has now escalated to include suspension (at least on the rear, but possibly front too). We also tested the electrics from the mobility scooter and it all seems to work OK.

Interestingly, I found out where the body came from; It appears to be a pedal go-kart in the form of a willy's Jeep (although the chassis that I have has been got-at and is a bit of a mess. As above we're building a whole new chassis with a different design). It will look a little different by the time I have finished, (to match the Jeep Wrangler as much as possible). The original product is here:

I must start a build thread soon.....
Building a factory Toylander / Re: My build No 14
« Last post by dad needs a hobby on 06 December, 2018, 11:56:30 AM »
Hi Chaps
Still not really starting until January as I am helping my mate do some work on his 1930 singer junior but I have sneaked in the workshop for an hour here and there and started cutting out some panels

Probably about half way through. I like to start with the most complex panels first.

I always lay them flat after Iv cut them as Iv found standing them up for any length of time causes them to warp.

Building a factory Toylander / Re: MY FIRST BUILD AND FIRST MISTAKE!
« Last post by dad needs a hobby on 06 December, 2018, 11:41:59 AM »
Hi Kev
Looking good so far, Like you I copy my bought panel set on my router table with a flush bit. If cared for the original panel set can last many years as mine has.

Just got to be careful sliding the scraper in-between to break the seal used by the double sided tape.

I find it quite interesting routing but always happy to when I'm finished as building the tub is a lot quieter and less dusty.

I cannot see a problem with your build so far as it doesnt really have a up or downside yet. The cable hole you will find you probably won't use anyway as the multi pin connector for the motor may not fit through it if using a shop rider.  I drill a new hole closer to where I mount my eco anyway.


Toylander 1 / Re: RLT WHEELS
« Last post by Daza1234 on 05 December, 2018, 07:36:26 PM »
To far away and to expensive at the moment I have got sorted out thanks
Toylander 1 / Re: RLT WHEELS
« Last post by Kev235 on 05 December, 2018, 07:29:14 PM »
There is a set of four on Ebay buyer to collect.
Building a factory Toylander / Re: MY FIRST BUILD AND FIRST MISTAKE!
« Last post by Ant-G on 05 December, 2018, 09:51:28 AM »
As far as I can see the result of your ‘mistake’ is that the wiring hole is on the other side.
I’m sure this is a better position to suit mobility scooter wiring  ;)
Toylander 1 / Re: RLT WHEELS
« Last post by Daza1234 on 05 December, 2018, 09:48:10 AM »
Hi how much do are you wanting for them and would you post to DG6 4AT I never got a reply from you before thanks
Building a factory Toylander / Re: MY FIRST BUILD AND FIRST MISTAKE!
« Last post by Kev235 on 04 December, 2018, 09:27:11 PM »
This is another picture of my "mistake" :-[
Building a factory Toylander / MY FIRST BUILD AND FIRST MISTAKE!
« Last post by Kev235 on 04 December, 2018, 09:24:46 PM »
Hi Everyone

After over a year of building my workshop, buying tools, materials, etc and of course reading about other builds and the great tips other builders have freely given I have started my build!

Of course the very first thing I do is make a mistake!! yeah, all that prep and the very simple job of laying the floor section on my bench goes wrong, its upside down. I realize this after I am some way in so I think of other options rather than taking it apart. By the way these are factory cut panels, which seem to suit RHD and LHD drives builds. I will be building more TL2,s for my other grandchildren so have cut templates from the factory panels using a router with a guide bit (awesome accuracy). So whilst I think I can overcome my error of the floor being upside down, if you experience builders think otherwise please let me know.

I am more of a metalworker rather than a carpenter, so will be fabricating my own axle, steering, wheel adapters etc. In fact I am hoping to make as much as possible, but will see how my patience and skills push me forward.

Ok, apart from my mistake, which made me spit nails, I am really enjoying the build. I have taken care to be as accurate as possible with fitting of the battens, and yes that glue does make it slippy, so I nicked the salt shaker from the kitchen (thanks Peter). I have also invested in quality tools apart from the cheapest possible drill stand, this broke after half an hour! never again.

I am now looking for a shoprider, for two reasons, its a cheaper build than the factory set up, and it seems to me just as good if not better because spares are plenty. I will be cutting out the door panels, jim emailed me the plans, thanks. I also plan to add other features but will see how it goes and decide along the way.

Thanks for all the builders who have kindly shared there builds and tips, I will return the sentiment as I build my first TL2.


Toylander 1 / Re: RLT WHEELS
« Last post by jr2 on 04 December, 2018, 01:00:18 PM »
I've got a brand new pair of RLT wheels with road tyres that I don't need
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